Benchmark - 3-1972

Benchmark Number 3-1972
Established In 1972
Condition GOOD
Latitude 43.27362
Longitude -79.861827
Reference Benchmark No
Vertical Datum Code UNKNOWN
Description A CHS bronze tablet stamped BM3-1972 set vertically in top of the 0.6 metre retaining wall which limits the northern edge of the HPA parking area. It is 1.2 metres west of the centre of the corner stone at the southwest intersection of Guise and James St. N. It is 12.1 metres from the centreline of James St. N. and 10.4 metres from the centreline of Guise St. and 40 metres NE of the HHC east garage door entrance.

Found 2018-10-25. Horizontal position updated using Google Earth. Previous position: N 43.27369, W 79.861857.

Date Elevation Status Vertical Datum Code
2023-06-02 6.849 ACTIVE CDIGLD1985