Benchmark - 92-R

Benchmark Number 92-R
Established In 1928
Condition GOOD
Latitude 44.98882
Longitude -81.25351
Reference Benchmark Yes
Vertical Datum Code UNKNOWN
Description Original description: Residence of W. Moore, at northwest corner of Helen and Scott Streets. Tablet in stone foundation of east sidewall, 70 centimetres north of bay window and 30 centimetres below brickwork.Coordinates updated based on May 2019 field data, taken with handheld GPS +/-5m (previous coordinates 44.988889, 81.253056). Benchmark condition updated from Not Know to Good based on May 2019 field notes.
Date Elevation Status Vertical Datum Code
1992-01-01 182.067 ACTIVE IGLD1985
1992-01-01 6.068 ACTIVE CDIGLD1985