Benchmark - M19U9517

Benchmark Number M19U9517
Established In 2019
Condition GOOD
Latitude 44.804153
Longitude -79.722019
Reference Benchmark Yes
Vertical Datum Code UNKNOWN
Description Canadian Hydrographic Service bronze tablet stamped M19U9517, set vertically in bedrock at top of rock outcrop on NW side of the park between locks and spillway and suitable for GNSS occupation. BM is approximately 30 m SW of BM (WSC), and SW of a brown brick garage at the edge of Little Lake. Description updated based on 2019 field notes and coordinates taken with hand held GPS +/- 3 m. Holding benchmark as of 2021.
Date Elevation Status Vertical Datum Code
2019-10-08 8.586 ACTIVE CDIGLD1985