Benchmark - 3118

Benchmark Number 3118
Established In 1959
Condition GOOD
Latitude 46.30276
Longitude -83.78196
Reference Benchmark Yes
Vertical Datum Code UNKNOWN
Description Geodetic Survey of Canada tablet stamped 3118, set horizontally in west concrete foundation wall of Bruce Mines central school, 30 cm from southwest corner, 1.55 m below brickwork, 27 cm above ground, slightly above highway level. Large brick building at northeast corner of intersection of Trans-Canada Highway (No. 17) with secondary Highway No. 638, 0.6 km east of post office, 127 m from Highway No. 17 center line, 51 m east of center of Highway No. 638 (Richardson Street), Note: School is supposed to be torn down in the future.

Coordinates and description updated based on 2020 field data, taken with a handheld GPS +/- 4m.

Date Elevation Status Vertical Datum Code
1992-01-01 15.944 ACTIVE CDIGLD1985
1992-01-01 191.954 ACTIVE IGLD1985