Benchmark - TAD1-67

Benchmark Number TAD1-67
Established In 1967
Condition GOOD
Latitude 48.1375
Longitude -69.715278
Reference Benchmark Yes
Vertical Datum Code UNKNOWN
Description CHS flat bronze tablet stamped TAD-1-1967 (partially erased), set vertically on a rocky outcrop on the north side of the Tadoussac Bay wharf road, 0.8 km south of the church. The BM is located 3.25 m from a beacon post on a parapet, 210.0 m from the Tadoussac Bay wharf, 3.0 m from the concrete wall, 4.85 m from and 0.40 m below the pavement edge.
Date Elevation Status Vertical Datum Code
2010-09-13 11.475 ACTIVE CD